Polular Topics
Campaign Budget
Creating the budget, defining objectives, estimating expenses, the budget timeline, matching the budget timeline to the political timeline and cash flow management. Budget calculation and analysis.
Questions: 0 Answers: 0
Campaign Management
Get answers to your general questions about your political campaign. How to prepare a political campaign, how to manage a political campaign, how to win a political campaign.
Questions: 15 Answers: 30
Campaign Message
Creating the strategy and plan that drives the campaign. This process starts by developing the right message.
Questions: 4 Answers: 7
Candidate Campaign
Appearance, intellect, emotional state, body language, public speaking skills, education, leadership qualities, network connections, personal, career and civic history - Name ID and Favorability Ratings, and candidate do's and don'ts.
Questions: 5 Answers: 13
Crisis Management
Avoiding the crisis. Preparing for the crisis in advance. Proper handling of a crisis. Damage control during and after the unexpected.
Questions: 3 Answers: 7
Direct Mail Campaign
When and how to develop a direct mail marketing campaign to get out the message and raise funds. The timeline and best practices to make mail marketing successful.
Questions: 3 Answers: 8
Developing the fund raising plan, organizing the finance committee, scheduling candidate fundraising activity, individual solicitation, direct mail solicitation, events, PAC and Party solicitation, raising money on the Internet.
Questions: 6 Answers: 11
Get Out The Vote (GOTV)
How to develop support from ground level. How to influence voter turn-out. Ways to get support to the polls on Election Day. Developing a grassroots campaign.
Questions: 0 Answers: 0
Lists and Targeting
Political Micro-targeting is the use of district geography, voter demography, vote history, the economic condition of voters and influence from other races to develop support, voter objectives, and GOTV targets.
Questions: 3 Answers: 12
Media Campaign
Developing and handling media coverage - TV, radio, newspapers, interviews and debates. Develop the plan, making the media buy, how much to spend, how and where to spend it.
Questions: 2 Answers: 4
Organization Roles
The campaign team will manage the game plan, the budget, the fundraising campaign, the political timeline, communication, voter contact and get out the vote strategies.
Questions: 2 Answers: 7
PAC and Parties
Political Parties influence public policy by electing candidates to govern, whereas business, labor, and special-interest groups create PACs (political action committees) to raise money to support candidate and issue campaigns in order to influence public policy. What support is available? Where do you find them? How do you get their support?
Questions: 3 Answers: 3
Phone Banking
Automated or robocalls, live operator calls, polling, town hall meetings, predictive dialing, phone surveys, voter ID, GOTV, and more.
Questions: 1 Answers: 7
Political Consultants
Professionals trained in political campaign management expertise offering their experience and advice for hire. Do I need one? Are there different types? How do I find one?
Questions: 4 Answers: 17
Public Affairs and Advocacy
Individuals and organizations who engage stakeholders in order to explain an organization?s policies, provide statistical and factual information and lobby on issues to influence public policy and resource allocation decisions that are made by government.
Questions: 0 Answers: 0
Public Relations
Individuals and organizations who interpret public opinion to manage public image, reputation, and goodwill in order to influence and direct public opinion.
Questions: 3 Answers: 6
Questions about campaign resources - financial, personnel, district demographics, econonmic, media, impact from other races, time, election regulations and voting characteristics.
Questions: 1 Answers: 1
Using Technology
Political software, campaign data management, websites, email campaigns, web advertising, the social networking and other uses of the Internet.
Questions: 2 Answers: 6
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